Y-Corner is a technology blog site that is dedicated to sharing interesting news relating to technology, computing, programming, gaming, and other interesting tidbits.


Michael Huh Y-Corner is run and administrated by Michael Huh, an IT specialist and tech enthusiast living in the Bay Area, California.

Ever since childhood, Michael has always been fascinated by computers, technology, and games. Michael is also an avid gamer and enjoys games from genres such as action, adventure, RPGs, FPS, strategy, and simulation. His interests outside of technology and gaming include skiing (when there’s snow!), golfing, spending time with friends and family, travelling, as well as enjoying a good game of Go/Baduk from time to time.


Y-Corner’s humble beginnings started as a forum in 2002 for a website called The Legend of Suikoden. It was a fan website which focused upon news and topics relating to Konami’s popular RPG video game series, Genso Suikoden. In 2006, as interest in the Suikoden series wound down, the forums underwent major changes to shift focus towards Ragnarok Online. The forums were officially renamed to Yoon’s Corner. For the next three years, the forums served as the primary forums for a Ragnarok Online guild called the Dominating Twins, as well as it’s successor guild, The Forgotten. In 2007, the forum underwent another name change, to the current name Y-Corner. As discussion and guild activity from Ragnarok Online waned, the forums were again re-organized to shift focus towards topics relating to gaming, computing and technology-related news. On January 2012, the official Y-Corner blog was launched.