Game Developers Conference 2014 (GDC 2014) – Wrap Up

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Game Developers Conference 2014 (GDC 2014) – Wrap Up

This past week, I had a chance to attend the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, a huge annual conference for game producers & developers. As this was my first GDC, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet professionals in the gaming industry, attend seminars on game development, as well as seeing the latest games and technology on display.  While the first two days of GDC came and gone with little fanfare, things became a bit more interesting when the Career Center and the Expo Floor opened up on Wednesday. Companies like...

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Happy New Year and the Latest Updates

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Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Although it’s been quite some time since my last post, I wanted to let everyone know that I didn’t pass away or abandon the blog. Ever since I returned from California in October (great trip BTW), I’ve been quite busy, mostly focusing on my efforts into transitioning into the world of mobile software development, amongst many other things. In particular, I have been heavily focused on Android Development, working on a new project that I began in late November. Unlike...

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Twin Cities Code Camp 15 Sessions Posted

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After an eventful two weeks in the Bay Area, I’m back in Minnesota. It was great to meet and interact with a lot of the professional developers out there, as well as going to awesome seminars and workshops over at Twitter HQ and Kabam Games. Now that I’m back, it’s time to get back into the groove of things. In other news, Twin Cities Code Camp 15 is coming up in two weeks! The list of sessions for the TCCC15 is now available and can be seen here: As a...

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl 3D Model Viewer

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I just uploaded (on GitHub) the source code for the Super Smash Bros. Brawl 3D Model Viewer XNA 4.0 Game Studio that I worked on with a friend a few years ago. You can find the source code under my GitHub account (huhx015). The program requires 3D models and audio assets to compile, but I have omitted the content files, for cooyright reasons. For those that are unfamiliar with the XNA framework, it was a library that Microsoft had made available to indie game developers to promote the development of indie games on the Xbox360 and Windows...

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Unblocking a User from Office 365: The Manual Way

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I recently assisted a client that was having logon issues with their Office 365 services. The particular problem that the client was encountering was that their account was completely locked out, due to too many failed logon attempts. Usually, the fix for this issue is to issue a password reset on the affected account from the administrator account (as Microsoft’s own support site suggests). However, even with password resets, the affected account was still blocked. Since the main Office 365 website admin panel is extremely limited...

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Gradle for Android at Twitter HQ

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It’s been a great time being here in the Bay Area, as the weather here has been nothing but stellar. Earlier this evening, I had the opportunity to attend a Gradle for Android event over at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco. It was quite the attendance, as  300 developers were present for the event. The speakers for tonight’s event was Hans Dockter (founder of Gradle), as well as Twitter engineers Jonathan Le and Jake Ouellette. For those that are unfamiliar with Gradle, Gradle is a build system that has...

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The Weekend Tidbits (September 20, 2013)

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Well, I’m off to the Bay Area in California for the next two weeks. It feels strange leaving for another trip so soon, as I only returned from Atlanta last weekend. Anyhow, I’ll continue to be posting from California with interesting tech tips and news. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Fake Death of a Crucial M4 SSD

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While making some Hyper-V configuration changes on my home server, my Windows Server 2012-based server suddenly went BSOD and immediately restarted. On reboot, I found that the motherboard could no longer detect the boot drive (a Crucial M4 512 GB SSD) BIOS. The M4 contained the OS partition for Server 2012, as well as several Hyper-V virtual disk files for several VMs that I was using for testing purposes. My primary data files were unaffected, as those files are stored on a 6-drive RAID 10 array configuration. As I maintained an OS daily...

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Disaster Strikes! A Sad Galaxy Note II :(

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Over the weekend, I went Atlanta for a friend’s wedding. (Congrats Jared & Robynn!) On the last day of the trip, my trusty Galaxy Note II met with disaster, as it fell face flat onto the pavement when I tripped over a parking block. The aftermath of the disaster: While it looks bad with the cracked screen, fortunately that was the only major damage, as my Note II was still fully operational, with LCD and touch functionality intact. I’m grateful for this, as replacing the gorilla glass is no where as expensive as replacing...

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Registrations for Twin Cities Code Camp 15 Now Open!

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With the fall season now upon us, the time for the next Twin Cities Code Camp event is coming up pretty soon. Registrations for TCCC15 is now open and like with previous TCCC events, the event is completely free. TCCC15 will be held on October 19, 2013 from 8 AM – 5 PM and will again be held in Keller Hall over at the University of Minnesota. The link to register for the event can be found here: For those that have never been to the Twin Cities Code Camp event, it is a all-day event filled with seminars...

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