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Fake Death of a Crucial M4 SSD

While making some Hyper-V configuration changes on my home server, my Windows Server 2012-based server suddenly went BSOD and immediately restarted. On reboot, I found that the motherboard could no longer detect the boot drive (a Crucial M4 512 GB SSD) BIOS. The M4 contained the OS partition for Server 2012,


It’s Haswell Day!

It’s the first day of June and the NDAs on Haswell have expired, meaning we finally get to see all the performance comparisons, benchmarks, and details on Intel’s fourth generation Core-i architecture! The usual suspects have their reviews up already: AnandTech – The Haswell Review: Intel Core i7-4770K & i5-4670K

AMD Stocks Rise on Intel Buyout Rumor

Stocks on AMD rose significantly today, up 14% at $3.22, it’s largest increase since July 2011. The cause? Apparently, tech investors on Wall Street caught wind of rumors of a possible AMD buyout from rival Intel. Over the years, most tech enthusiasts, including myself, usually wouldn’t even give such rumors