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TechPulse 2013

Good morning, everyone! It’s a cloudy, yet warm morning here in St. Paul, Minnesota! I will be at the River Centre in St. Paul today, covering this year’s TechPulse 2013 event! TechPulse is a technology based conference that is held annually in St. Paul, covering the latest IT technologies for

Installing ESXi 5.0

After a busy week, I managed to find some time to install ESXi 5.0 on the whitebox server that I recently finished constructing. For those looking to try out ESXi 5.0, a non-commercial license is freely available for download on VMware’s website. You can find it here: Download VMware vSphere

Building a ESXi 5.0 Whitebox Server

For some time, I’ve been contemplating on building a new whitebox server for ESXi 5.0, as I have always been interested in virtualization. I built a ESXi 4.2 whitebox server last summer, in which I was able to get myself familiarized with ESXi and the VMware vSphere Hypervisor client. There