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Cid’s Aerial Tours Updated to 1.03

Cid’s Aerial Tours has been updated to 1.03! Similar to the 1.03 update for Dragon Geo, this update for Cid’s Aerial Tours does not contain many major external changes, as most of the changes are internal. Here is the full list of changes in 1.03:

– Fixed a visual bug with the LANGUAGE settings in OPTIONS that was present for Android 2.3 – 4.0 users.
– A few performance optimizations were added.

The CREDITS no longer runs as a separate activity and is now a fragment that runs within the main title screen. Also, a minor visual layout bug in OPTIONS was corrected for Android 2.3 – 4.0 users. Some minor performance optimizations were also added to the code.

The latest update to Cid’s Aerial Tours can be found on the Google Play Store:


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