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Disaster Strikes! A Sad Galaxy Note II :(

Over the weekend, I went Atlanta for a friend’s wedding. (Congrats Jared & Robynn!) On the last day of the trip, my trusty Galaxy Note II met with disaster, as it fell face flat onto the pavement when I tripped over a parking block. The aftermath of the disaster:

The Galaxy Note II... after the fall.

The Galaxy Note II… after the fall.

While it looks bad with the cracked screen, fortunately that was the only major damage, as my Note II was still fully operational, with LCD and touch functionality intact. I’m grateful for this, as replacing the gorilla glass is no where as expensive as replacing the LCD digitizer.

As I had no accidental warranty on my Note II (as I purchased it from a previous owner), I went ahead and ordered a replacement Note II gorilla glass part from eBay for roughly $25 USD. With video guides available online on how to take apart a Galaxy Note II, I’ll be doing a DIY repair on my phone, as it’ll save me roughly $130 USD (if repaired through a professional local service).

It’ll take several days for the replacement glass to arrive, but as I’m headed over to San Francisco for two weeks starting next weekend, this’ll have to be a on-vacation repair job. In the meantime, the Galaxy Note II is in sad-face mode. 🙁

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