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Epic Forty Minute StarCraft II: HotS Grandmaster League Match – [ROOT]ROOTSage vs. ParanOid

This has to be one of the most epic (and longest) StarCraft II: HotS GM-level matches I have ever seen:

It’s a forty minute match between [ROOT]ROOTSage (playing as Protoss) and ParanOid (playing as Zerg); it’s rare to see such a lengthy game at the GM level, as most battles at that skill level are resolved far more quickly. However,  ROOTSage and ParanOid seem to be equally matched, resulting in a battle that stretches all across the Newkirk City map. Throughout the battle, it’s pretty much touch and go between the two, but ROOTSage manages to win in the end.

Husky StarCraft provides an exciting commentary for this match video and should be a familiar name for those that follow StarCraft II league matches on YouTube. He is also the main commenter for the entertaining Bronze League Heroes and Ladder Anxiety StarCraft II match video series.

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