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July 2019 Updates

Hello folks! It’s 2019, and I’m not dead! It’s been quite some time since the last update on Y-Corner!

Since the last post, many things have happened! I recently moved to San Francisco, after living in the Bay Area suburbs for five years. It’s been an adjustment, especially with the smaller living space and commute on Muni, but it’s been worth it! Being a few blocks away from the ocean and actually being in closer driving distance to fun and intriguing places in San Francisco makes a big difference!

As for my career in mobile development, much has happened. I joined Razer in July 2017, working on apps such as Game Booster and Cortex for the Razer Phone 1 and Razer Phone 2. It was quite the experience, being able to get the opportunity to work on and be involved with the production of an Android smartphone! Not to mention, being able to develop a product for gamers, by gamers!

After two years with Razer, I decided it was time to make a change. I left Razer earlier this month to join a rapidly growing startup called Envoy. Envoy has been making waves in the office space by introducing a sign-in kiosk iPad app that greatly simplifies the office visitor registration experience. The visitor kiosk app by Envoy has become popular, being a common sight in offices in the Bay Area and other tech hubs in the United States. I look forward to my next Android development experience with Envoy!

As for site updates, the blog layout has been updated to reflect web standards in 2019. A direct link to my GitHub account has been added, which has several code repositories that I have made open source. In addition, I have added a Portfolio section, will be used to showcase several of the Android apps I have built and released over the last few years. The layout update is not quite complete yet, as there are some minor bugs here and there, but will be resolved this weekend.

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