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Launch of CAT: Cid’s Aerial Tours

Today marks the launch of CAT, also known as Cid’s Aerial Tours!

CAT is an interactive map guide app for the Google Android platform, akin to Google Maps but for viewing world maps from Squaresoft’s classic 16-BIT RPG, Final Fantasy IV (aka Final Fantasy II for the U.S.).  Like Dragon Geo, users can zoom in and out on the map using buttons and pinch/tap gestures. Users can view the three world maps (overworld, underworld, and the moon) from Final Fantasy IV. Unlike Dragon Geo, CAT is a much smaller app and will focus solely on world maps, rather than castle/town/dungeon maps.

CAT is the second Google Android app that I have launched onto the Google Android Store.

Many thanks goes out to my friends who helped beta test CAT, as well as these sites that provided the sprites, maps, and music/sound effects for Final Fantasy IV:


* Steve Chou

* Joey Dorpat

* Ashwin Kamath

* King Zenith

* James Spencer

* Dan Smoliak

* Jesse Thomas


* Videogamesprites.com

* Ian-Albert.com

* Zophar’s Domain


Cid’s Aerial Tours is available for free on the Google Play Store. If you have an Android device, be sure to check it out!

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