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Samsung Launches the Galaxy S4

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is here!  …well, almost. Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S4 today over at New York City’s Radio Hall.

Aside from boasting greatly improved hardware over the S3 (i.e. Snapdragon quad core processor, 5″ AMOLED display, 13 megapixel camera) and newer features (floating touch, smart pause), the exterior of the S4 seems to be largely similar to the S3. While the design of the Galaxy S3 was satisfactory, those that were expecting a completely different design in the S4 may be disappointed. Either way, with the release of the Galaxy S4, Samsung reclaims the smartphone throne, as it boasts hardware that surpasses those found in other current smartphone leaders, such as the Apple iPhone 5, HTC One, and Samsung’s own Galaxy S3.

Anandtech has put out a mini-review of the Galaxy S4, which can be found here: AnandTech | Samsung’s Galaxy S 4: Introduction & Hands On

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