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Stanford University’s Free Online Science Courses

For those that have not heard already, Stanford University is offering several of it’s Computer Science courses for free online. This will be the second time that Stanford University is doing this, as they first began offering some of their courses online last semester in Fall 2011. However, little did they expect that it would be so popular, as over 160,000 students signed up for the classes alone!

For this spring semester, Stanford University, in cooperation with UC Berkeley, will be offering several courses online, most of which are Computer Science-related. Many of these courses are taught by exceptional instructors and is an excellent opportunity for those that are interested. Here are the classes that are being offered online:

Courses are due to begin sometime in February, so if you are interested, make sure you register before then!


Unfortunately, it seems that many of the courses will be starting later than expected, as the logistics of operating so many free online courses at Stanford has caused a lot of technical issues:

Unfortunately, there are still a few administrative i’s to dot and t’s to cross. We’re still hopeful that we’ll go live very soon, and we’ll let you know a firm date as soon as we possibly can.

In other related news, Sebastian Thrun, who previously taught the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence online course last semester, has launched his own free course initiative over at Udacity. He, along with David Evans, will be teaching two free online courses this spring:

  • CS101: Building a Search Engine
  • CS373: Programming a Robotic Car


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