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Android 4.4 Now “KitKat” Instead of Key Lime Pie

Although it has only been a short time since Google released Android 4.3 and has yet to be released for most Android devices, Google today has released some minor details about Android 4.4, specifically in that it will be called “KitKat” instead of “Key Lime Pie.” Apparently, Nestle has given approval to Google for them to allow the name usage of their beloved snack for the next version of Android. 

Android 4.4 - KitKat

The next version of Android… KitKat.

Their reason for the name change? Many of the developers at Google aren’t familiar with the taste of key lime pie, but many at Google do snack on KitKats.

While not the Android 5.0 update that many were hoping for, hopefully 4.4 will be a significant update like” JellyBean” was to” Ice Cream Sandwich”.

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