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Nintendo Introduces the Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo unveiled the Nintendo 2DS this week, a new addition to the Nintendo DS handheld family. Unlike previous Nintendo DS devices, the new Nintendo 2DS is more tablet-like in nature, abandoning the flip-screen design present in previous Nintendo DS devices.

The new Nintendo 2DS, with a tablet-like structure.

The new Nintendo 2DS, with a tablet-like structure.

In terms of hardware, the new Nintendo 2DS boasts the same specifications as the Nintendo 3DS, but lacks one important feature, 3D gaming, hence being affixed with the 2DS label. While it may seem like a significant feature to drop, the 3D feature on Nintendo 3DS games released so far hasn’t been entirely crucial and ground-breaking. Although current Nintendo 3DS owners will likely ignore the Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo hopes to appeal to casual gamers with the new tablet-like design.

The Nintendo 2DS will be launching on October 12 in North America for MSRP price of $129.99.

Source: DailyTech – Nintendo Announces Tablet-Like “2DS,” Cuts Wii U Price by $50

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