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AOKP Releases JB-MR1 Build 6 ROM

The AOKP team has released a new JB-MR1 4.2.2 ROM for Android devices, Build 6! Here’s a list of what’s new in Build 6:

  • New device (scroll down to see the fulL list!)
    • vibrantmtd (Samsung Vibrant)
  • New features
    • Fully rEvamped NavBar and Lockscreen UI in ROMControl
    • Themeable lockscreen
    • Scrollable toggleS are back
    • WebGL on the Nexus 10
    • Option to daydream on wireless charger
    • Volume adjusT sound preference
    • Open sOurce Superuser thanks to Koush
    • StatusBar hide toggle
    • Sleep toggle

You can download the new AOKP ROM for multiple Android devices here: AOKP – [Release] JB-MR1 Build 6

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  1. Does anyone have any information as to how to get the option to take a screenshot on the navigation ring of this ROM?? Although this is an awesome ROM, this is the ONLY option that is missing here… thanks!

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