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Gamer Makes an RPG to Propose to Girlfriend

If your significant other is a gamer and you are looking for creative ways to propose, make an RPG for him/her. It worked for Marchaka on Reddit, who used RPG Maker VX to make an RPG game, in which he ultimately used to propose to his girlfriend, Michele.

Michele's Quest... Michele must embark on a journey to unlock a chest.

Michele’s Quest… Michele embarks on a journey to unlock a chest that would ultimately lead to a bigger surprise.

This is how I did it… I made an old school final fantasy style role-playing video game, playable on the PC. The game featured 4 bosses and after killing each boss, a chest was dropped that revealed an image. Each image showed the location of a key. (hidden in real life) Next to the computer was a chest with 4 locks on it, inside the chest was a note for her to turn around. So after completing the game and unlocking the chest, she spun around to find me on one knee.

The game is packed with inside jokes and tons of references to classic and popular video games. It takes about 4 hours to play through the whole thing. I spent 164 hours to construct the whole project. (programming, scripting, eventing, etc.)

Chest: http://imgur.com/u6LJmXr SkyDrive Link for the game download: http://sdrv.ms/10M2OR6

Edit: She said yes.

Edit: Made Imgur album showing some in game screenshots. http://imgur.com/a/JzC86

Edit: Per request, this is what we look like: http://imgur.com/a/sSNti

Edit:The game was made using RPG Maker VX Ace. You don’t need to know any programming languages to make a game. It costs about $70 in the Steam store.

While definitely geeky, I have to give props to Marchaka for coming up with a creative way to propose. Congratulations to Marchaka and his fiancé!

: Reddit – Last night I proposed to my GF with …a video game.

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