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GO THERE NOW 2.0 Released! Now Supports Android Wear!

I’ve just released a new version of GO THERE NOW, an Android app that allows users to launch Google Maps’ Navigation Mode quickly in a single step. GO THERE NOW has been completely re-designed from the ground up and now employs a Material Design-like style. Along with the UI change, GO THERE NOW now allows users to manage favorite location shortcuts. In addition, GO THERE NOW fully supports Android Wear; users can launch navigation mode directly from their Android Wear devices.

Here’s the full list of changes:

* 2.00:
– Application completely re-designed from the ground up; now utilizes a Material Design-compliant style.
– Location shortcuts can now be saved within the application; can launch navigation mode by tapping on the saved location shortcuts.
– Full Android Wear support! All location shortcuts are synchronized with paired Android Wear smartwatches.
– Can launch navigation mode on smartphone or tablets from paired Android Wear smartwatches.

If starting Navigation Mode in Google Maps frustrates you, check out GO THERE NOW; it may save you some time!


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