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Shenmue 3 Announced! Help Shenmue 3 via Kickstarter!

After 14 years of being in hiatus, the Shenmue series finally gets a second sequel, Shenmue 3! It’s exciting to see that Shenmue 3 will be made, as we can finally continue the journey of Ryo and Shenhua!



Yu Suzuki, the creator of the beloved Shenmue series, has announced that Shenmue 3 will be released for the Sony PlayStation 4 and PC in December 2017. In addition, a Kickstarter campaign has been started for Shenmue 3, with fans being able to back the project directly. As of this post, 19,412 people have backed the project, with $1,632,167 / $2,000,000 pledged. At this rate, Shenmue 3 will easily reach it’s pledge goal!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign and the preview video of Shenmue 3 here: Shenmue 3 by Ys Net – Kickstarter

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