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March Quick Updates

Don’t worry, I’m not dead! I apologize for the lack of updates, it’s been a crazy month for me, both in my personal and professional life.

With tax season in full, I’ve been working away to get my taxes done. As always, taxes are never fun to do, but the tax refunds make up for it (for the most part). Also, as my previous roommate moved back to Korea, I am currently searching for a new roommate. If there’s anyone that’s interested in renting a room in a two bedroom condo unit in Minneapolis, MN near Uptown, let me know (shameless advertising, I know :p )!

As for work, I’ve been recently tasked with overhauling the website for the architecture firm that I work for.  It hasn’t been easy, as the web design firm that constructed their old website was coded very poorly, making updates extremely cumbersome and difficult. I decided to start from scratch, using a CMS, as the objectives were to not only design a nice looking website with a (very) limited budget, but also to make it so that it is easy to update for company employees.

I am using WordPress, as it is a well-supported CMS and has a lot of flexibility, with tons of themes and plugins readily available. Although known more for blogging, WordPress has developed significantly in the past few years in that it is now a viable option for  commercial websites. Also, as the company that I currently work for is an architecture firm, they wanted something creative. As WordPress seems to offer a lot more theming options over other CMS like Joomla and Drupal, it made sense to go with WordPress.

Aside from work, I have recently enrolled in some of the free online CSCI courses that Stanford, UC Berkeley, and U Michigan are offering, such as Software as a Service. Many of the courses were originally scheduled to begin in February, but technical issues have delayed their launch. Additional courses like Design and Analysis I and Game Theory are scheduled to begin next week.

Hopefully, as time frees up, I will be able to get more time to post about some of the personal projects that I have been working on, like the whitebox ESXi 5.0 server.

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