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64 GB UHS-1 Micro SDXC Not Compatible with the Galaxy Tab Plus/7.7… and a Possible Method of Fixing Corrupted 64 GB Cards

I recently acquired a 7″ Galaxy Tab Plus 16 GB, to replace my slow, aging Nook Color, as I wanted a faster eReader/tablet device that can multitask better, as well as being able to handle Jelly Bean without major issues. I also decided to acquire a Team 64 GB Micro SDXC UHS-1 rated card from Newegg for $54.99, for additional storage.

After successfully rooting the Galaxy Tab Plus, flashing it to Aorth’s CyanogenMod 10 port and configuring it in the way I wanted, I inserted the Team 64 GB MicroSDXC card into the Galaxy Tab Plus. It initially recognized it, but as I started transferring some music files, the SD card stopped responding and the dreaded “damaged SD card message” popped up. I pulled out the SD card and tried to see if I could re-format it. However, in horror, none of my Windows 7 PCs could recognize it in my SDXC card reader; even Disk Management wasn’t seeing anything!

At that point, I concluded that my card was toast and was ready to return it. However, I decided to try to see if I could get it to work again before returning it, considering it was brand new.

I read through the thread on 64GB cards over at the Galaxy Tab 7.7 forums (as the Galaxy Tab Plus and 7.7 share the same hardware and 64GB card issues) and found that some had found success with re-creating the partition table in Linux. I used Gparted, which saw the Team 64GB card, but had some initial difficulties, as the card would not stay mounted/visible for too long. After several inserts, I finally was able to wipe the corrupted partition on the card and used Gparted’s option to re-create the partition table. After doing this, the dismounting issue disappeared, but Gparted still had trouble creating a full FAT32 partition on the card. I then tried zeroing it out with dd (same command that bex0rs used for his SanDisk 64GB card in the 7.7 thread). After a lengthy process, Gparted was finally able to create a full 64GB FAT32 partition without issue.

The Team 64GB SDXC card was then able to be seen by my Windows 7 PCs and I was able to transfer over 30 GB of content to the card without issue. Even my retired DROID Incredible and Nook Color were able to read and write to it fine. However, I have not yet tried it in my Galaxy Tab Plus, in fears that it would kill it, so I’m keeping it in my DROID Incredible for the mean time.

In short, the new UHS-1 class MicroSDXC 64 GB cards work fine with some Android devices like the Droid Incredible and the Nook Color. However, for Galaxy Tab Plus and 7.7 owners, these UHS-1 rated cards should be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS, as you risk corrupting/permanently damaging your card!

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