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Dragon Geo: 1.02 Update Released!

I just posted an update (1.02) for DRAGON GEO on the Google Play Store! There are some rather large changes with this version, as it features many new maps, including the Dragon Warrior VII map that King Zenith from Dragon’s Den recently made. Here are the changes with the new version:

* Fixed a few audio-related crash bugs.
* Fixed a memory issue for LOW RESOLUTION mode.
* Added several new maps for Dragon Warrior III:
– Cave of Enticement
– Romaly Castle
– Noaniels
– Cave West of Noaniels
– Eginbear Castle
– Portoga
– Isis
– Isis Castle
– Cave of Jipang
– Port Town
– Haukness
– Shrine of Holy
– Shrine of the Poison Swamp.

* Added Gwaelin’s Cave for Dragon Warrior II.
* Added the Dragon Warrior VII PS1 map by King Zenith.

Many thanks goes out again to King Zenith and x_loto! DRAGON GEO can be found here:


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