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Sony’s PlayStation E3 Press Conference

It’s been quite a busy week in the technology world, with Computex 2013, Apple’s WWDC 2013, and E3 all taking place within a short period of time! With Microsoft and Sony releasing their next generation consoles later this year, this E3 is expected to be very exciting, full of big announcements and surprises.

Right from the get go, Sony held their E3 PlayStation Press Conference, with the focus on unveiling all details about the PlayStation 4. The full video on the PlayStation E3 Press Conference 2013 can be seen below. The actual conference starts at 32:50.

With yesterday’s conference, Sony finally unveiled the PS4 hardware. The PS4 retains the look of a console system, rather than appearing like a PC (XBOX One). Along with the hardware, Sony also played gameplay footage from upcoming PS4 games, such as KillZone: Shadow Fall, Final Fantasy XV (formerly Final Fantasy VS XIII), Kingdom Hearts 3, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Elder Scrolls: Online, Destiny, and more.

The Sony presenters also outlined Sony’s online strategy for the PS4. Taking a direct shot at Microsoft, Sony announced that they will not be charging activation fees for used games,  yielding massive applauses from the crowd. Also, the PS4 will not require 24/7 online connectivity to play games, unlike the XBOX One. In addition, the PS4 will launch at $399 USD, a full $100 USD cheaper than the XBOX One.

After watching Sony’s E3 PS4 Press Conference, as a gamer, I’d have to say that I’m very impressed. While XBOX One’s launch event woo’ed a lot of home theater and casual gamers, it left many hardcore games angered and displeased, especially hearing about Microsoft’s “always online” policy and used games controversy.  Sony took notes and hammered on Microsoft by seizing on the opportunity by presenting the PS4 as a console that is focused on gaming that is without any online or used game limitations.

With these announcements, the XBOX One looks to be in trouble, as Sony is set to win a lot of support from hardcore gamers.  Microsoft will have to make some significant changes in its strategy with the XBOX One if it wants to woo gamers back.

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