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Wearable World Listed as a Leading Accelerator in Silicon Valley

Forbes recently mentioned Wearable World, our startup accelerator, in an article of what they consider the best accelerator programs in Silicon Valley:

Based on our research, below are some of the best accelerators we’ve come across for startups coming to the Valley:

  • Founders Space is the only one we found that meets all of the above criteria.  They have a highly flexible program that is ideal for foreign entrepreneurs and have formed strategic relationships with governments and accelerators all over the world, including Korea, Austria, China, Singapore, Belgium, Japan, Holland, Brazil, Estonia, etc.  In addition, Founders Space has a robust online accelerator that’s being used in overseas universities and incubators.
  • 500 Startups has done an excellent job of bridging the gap between Silicon Valley and the rest of the world.  With their Geeks on Planes program and Dave McClure’s presence, they’ve put together a top-notch program that caters to most of the needs that startup founders from abroad have.  The results look good, and they’re growing fast.
  • Tandem is another strong accelerator for overseas entrepreneurs.  What sets them apart is that they focus on mobile only.  They also invest a significant amount in each startup.  They work with startups from every part of the world and act as their temporary home in the Valley.
  • Techstars has been setting up its own branches all across the US and has recently established operations in London.  It stands poised to become a global powerhouse for incubating startups, and we expect them to continue to expand to other countries.
  • Y Combinator is the gold standard of startup accelerators.  It’s not as focused on overseas startups, but its program has A-list mentors, advisors and investors that more than compensate.  It has successfully helped startups from all parts of the world get funded and brings a halo effect to its graduates.
  • Plug And Play has aggressively courted overseas startups and attracts companies from every corner of the globe.  It has relationships with a number of foreign governments and works to provide education and training for overseas companies.  For the scope of its operations, it deserves to be on this list
  • Wearable World does a good job at incubating IoT startups.  They have expert advisors in the IoT and wearable space and work with startups from all over the world.  Their biggest strength is their focus.

Source: Forbes – 7 Leading Accelerators For Overseas Startups Coming to Silicon Valley

It’s exciting to see that Wearable World was named by Forbes as one of the top incubators in Silicon Valley!

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