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AOKP Releases JB-MR1 Build 6 ROM

The AOKP team has released a new JB-MR1 4.2.2 ROM for Android devices, Build 6! Here’s a list of what’s new in Build 6: New device (scroll down to see the fulL list!) vibrantmtd (Samsung Vibrant) New features Fully rEvamped NavBar and Lockscreen UI in ROMControl Themeable lockscreen Scrollable toggleS are

Samsung Launches the Galaxy S4

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is here!  …well, almost. Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S4 today over at New York City’s Radio Hall. Aside from boasting greatly improved hardware over the S3 (i.e. Snapdragon quad core processor, 5″ AMOLED display, 13 megapixel camera) and newer features (floating touch, smart pause),


AOKP Releases JB-MR1 Build 5

The infamous AOKP team has released their latest Jellybean 4.2.2 ROM build for Android phones, JB-MR1 Build 5! Build 5 adds the following new features: Traditional toggles instead of Tiles (optional) New Navigation Ring configuration menu S Pen support for Note IIs Quiet Hours toggle Build 5 also introduces official support