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Dragon Geo Updated to 1.03

DRAGON GEO has been updated to 1.03. Unlike the last version, there are no significant external changes, as most of changes are internal and mostly affect how OPTIONS and CREDITS are displayed. Here are the changes with the new version: * OPTIONS is now displayed over world maps. * Several

Go There Now

Announcing GO THERE NOW for Android!

And now for something a little different. Today, I’m launching a simple Android called GO THERE NOW, which can create customized homescreen shortcuts that launches Google Maps in Navigation Mode immediately. Ever since the introduction of the new UI found in Google Maps, there have been many complaints about the

End of an Era: Farewell XP!

After nearly thirteen years, the curtains have fallen on Windows XP, as XP has reached EOL (“End of Life”) status. After today, Microsoft will no longer be providing any updates or support for Windows XP to the general public. Unfortunately, even after extending XP’s lifecycle a few years, there are